reposting old nsfw furry art 

still fuckin amazed by this comm god

D.va Halloween skin 

according to twitter people she's a Kumiho, a malevolent fox spirit that eats men's livers

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The Dance Of The Fourth Veil

Around a month ago, I was lying in bed, just kind of zoning out. And I had this image float into my head, of a decadent ruler's court, with a heap of half-naked people around their feet, a dancer swishing away in the foreground, and shafts of light passing through it.

I decided I wanted to draw it. So I got up and roughed something out. Added some quick flat co...

Read the whole post: egypt.urnash.com/blog/2020/10/

lewd-ish furry art 

My husky ended up serving drinks for this horny court~
Wonderful ych by @anthracite
(characters list: furaffinity.net/view/38496864/)

Who let the dog in the cockpit, and why is he flying the plane?? 馃惡鉁堬笍

Who let the dog in the cockpit, and why is he flying the plane?? 馃惡鉁堬笍

Furry sex (artwork), genitals 

Playing with farm animals :shiro_drooling:
馃悜 @Tanaphor
馃惍 Gwyn
馃惡 Shiro
馃帹: @JungaBeast

rubber, latex, photography, techwear, gasmask 

Thank goodness for #SqueakySunday also exists or else I don't know where I'd put all these! 馃憖


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rubber, latex, photography, suggestive touching, techwear, gasmask 

More photos of an Arkhive drone have emerged just in time for #SqueakySaturday!


Full resolution images available to patrons on the photography and combo tiers!


Prints of a couple of these shots are also available in my Korrent City collection on RedBubble!

馃惥 Shiro Doggo 馃悤

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