Nude, feet and dick stupid pics, ~shitpost 

Suite aux photos d'hier ; les focales courtes permettent de jouer vachement sur les perspectives :v

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅

NSFW furry art, bun 

I was at a point for a few days where I couldn't even sketch right (let alone color), so I forced myself to finish this pic of @ginger up to get back on track. Spoiler: it worked. 馃榿 Should have some commission work done late tonight...

Kinky stuff with latex and genitals 

Au fait, les sections 馃敒 de pics.horny.dog/ sont accessibles avec le mdp : ILoveDoggos :ablobcatangel:

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅

werewolf exhibitionism 

a metal band of werewolves who play under a full moon
teasing the cheering crowd as they transform
thick tufts of smoke-shaded softness tearing thru their tights
shirts shredding along with their grow[l]ing guitarists

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅

"_______ the dragons" 

"i did exactly what you said!"

"no! you were supposed to fight the dragons!"

"well i couldn't remember what you said after the 'f'!
plus the dragons had a very convincing suggestion!"

~grabs pen & parchment~
"'fight'... 'the'... 'dragons'
now go back & do it!"

~days later~

"b-but i wrote it down!"

"well i couldn't read what you put after the 'f'
so naturally i asked the dragons
& once again they had a very convincing suggestion"

"why would you even鈥??
you know what?
i'll do it myself!"

~days later~

"so how'd the fight go?"

~blushing furiously~
"i uh"

~a dragon pokes their head thru the giant doors & blows a smoke ring heart~

"forgot what came after the 'f' & their suggestion was very convincing"

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅

twitter link, furry animation 


this is the cutest furry animation I've ever seen??? it's so professional oml

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅


il faut qu'on les aide 脿 passer 脿 l'茅chelle et ouvrir une branche en France <.<

Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
Shiro 馃崙 a partag茅
馃惥 Shiro Doggo 馃悤

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